POLL: Majority of Voters Rate the Biden Regime Poorly For Its Ability To Stop Illegal Immigration

According to a poll by Rasmussen, 81% of likely United States voters said it is important to them that the government halt illegal immigration, which includes 55% who believe it is very important. Only 17% don’t believe it’s important for the government to halt illegal immigration. 

16% rate the government as doing a good or excellent job of halting illegal immigration, whereas 55% gave the government a poor rating on the matter.

When asked about who they trust more to handle America’s border security matters, 50% confided more in Republicans in Congress, while 22% stated Democrats in Congress and 15% indicated President Joe Biden. An additional 13% were unsure.

83% of Republican voters trust their own party’s elected officials in Congress to deal with border security, but only 43% of Democrat voters stated they trust Democrats in Congress more on the matter. Among independent voters, 48% trust Republicans in Congress more, 15% trust Democrats more, and 13% trust Biden more to tackle border security measures.

73% of Democrat voters, 91% of Republican voters, and 78% of independent voters view it at least somewhat important that the government half illegal immigration.

71% of Republican voters, 31% of Democrat voters, and 63% of independent voters gave the government a poor rating on the way it has handled immigration. 

68% of Republican voters, 29% of Democrats voters, and 45% of independent voters at least somewhat agree with the statement “Shut down the border or shut down the government.”

56% of white voters, 52% of black voters, and 53% of non-black minorities believe it is very important for the government to stop illegal immigration.

When it comes to income earners, voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually are most likely to give the government a poor rating on how it has handled immigration. 

The uniparty in DC loves mass migration. It wants to accelerate the replacement of the Historic American Nation, while enriching itself during this entire process. The American voter has strong instincts on the immigration question. Make no mistake about it, mass migration is an elite project through and through. 

It will ultimately be the everyday man of Middle America who will have to step up and overthrow this corrupt ruling class. 

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