POLL: Majority of Voters Stand Against Biden Regime’s “CBP One” Flight Program For Migrants

According to a Rassmussen poll, 60% of likely United States voters are against the program of international flights that in 2023 transported over 300,000 illegal aliens to US airports, which includes 46% who strongly disapprove. 25% are in favor  of the program, which includes 10% who strongly approve. An additional 15% are unsure. 

The non-profit organization Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) acquired information about “inadmissible aliens” who went to US airports on flights pre-approved through the use of a cell phone application called “CBP One.” 84% of Republican voters, 39% of Democrat voters, and 59% of independent voters are against the “CBP One” program. 

28% of likely voters believer the way President Joe Biden is tackling issues connected to immigration is good or excellent, whereas 53% of voters gave Biden a poor rating on the immigration issue. 

Whereas 50% of Democrat voters gave Biden a good or excellent job rating when it comes to handling issues connected to immigration, just 11% of Republican voters and 20% of independent voters agree with that perspective. 78% of Republican voters and 56% of independent voters gave Biden a poor rating on immigration, in addition to 27% of Democrat voters.

Just 21% of white voters, 37% of black voters, and 28% of non-black minorities are in favor of the “CBP One” program. 

When it comes to analyzing the electorate by income categories, voters making over $200,000 annually are most likely to give Biden a good or excellent job rating in the way he has handling issues connected to immigration.

This app is just the latest high tech mechanism designed to facilitate mass migration. The ruling class will find every way possible to import migrants into the US, which necessitates the Right to take heavy-handed measures against mass migration.

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