POLL: Majority of Voters Want Immigrants to Adopt American Culture

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 66% of likely United States voters believe immigrants should embrace the US’s culture, heritage, and  language. 

58% of voters believe American society is generally decent and fair. 32% of voters disagree, stating that America is unfair and discriminatory, whereas 10% of voters said they are unsure. 

64% of Republican voters, 54% of Democrat voters, and 56% independent voters believe the US is decent and fair. In a similar vein, 82% of Republican voters  believe new immigrants should embrace America’s culture, language and heritage. 53% of Democrat voters and 66% of independent voters held similar views. 

62% of white voters, 48% of black voters, and 50% of other non-black minorities believe America is a fair and decent country. 28% of white voters, 41% of black voters, and 40% of other non-black minorities indicated that the US is essentially an unfair and discriminatory nation.

When it comes to income earners, voters making over  $200,000 annually, are most likely to believe the US is a mostly fair and decent society. Individuals making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually are most likely to believe immigrants should embrace American culture.

Immigrants to the US should be making a concerted effort to assimilate to American culture. That said, in an ideal world, the US would be restricting immigration across the board. Mass migration threatens the socio-economic and demographic fiber of America. 

If we lose this battle, the US that we grew up to know and love, will cease to exist. That’s how critical the fight to restore order to America’s immigration system is these days.

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