POLL: Many Video Gamers Support Online Censorship

According to a poll published by Rasmussen, 39% of adults who regularly play video games back the idea of the government surveilling communications between online video game players, which includes 13% who strongly support such monitoring. 

49% of voters are against government monitoring of online discussions between gamers, which includes 30% who strongly oppose it. 

The federal Government Accountability Office recently published a report suggesting that the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation create “strategies and goals” for disseminating information about domestic terrorists who “use online platforms — such as social media and gaming — to communicate radical ideas to a wide audience and mobilize likeminded people.” 

43% of regular videogame players are in favor of gaming companies teaming up with government agencies to fight against “extremism” in the online gaming community, which includes 13% who strongly approve of such partnerships. 45% are against partnerships between gaming companies and the government, which includes 27% who strongly disapprove of this. An additional 12% are unsure.

15% of American Adults indicated that video games are their favorite kind of entertainment, compared to 42% whose favorite forn of entertainment is TV and 24% indicated that movies are their favorite kind of entertainment.

48% of American adults play video games at least occasionally, which includes 15% who usually play video games on a daily basis. 50% rarely or never play video games.

71% of adults under the age of 40 regularly play video games, compared to 36% of adults in the age range of  40 to 64 and only 19% of Americans 65 and older do so..

Individuals who play video games at least on a weekly basis are more likely than occasional gamers to be against partnerships between gaming companies and the government.

57% of Republican voters, 53% of  Democrats voters, and 43% of independent voters rarely or never play video games. Among regular gamers, 54% who vote independent are more likely than those who vote for Republicans (41%) or Democrats (38%) to be against partnerships between gaming companies and the government to fight “extremism” in online gaming communities.

The video game sector is just another part of civil society that the Left has completely ruined. The cultural Left is totalitarian Left is all-encompassing when it comes to its approach in politicizing every aspect of society.

By inserting themselves in communities such as video gaming, leftists ensure that these sectors are thought policed and wokified.

The Right must remain vigilant on all fronts to prevent the Left from co-opting all of society. This goes to show that the battle for our country goes beyond the legislative halls.

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