POLL: More Americans Believe Mental Health Not Gun Control as Cause of Mass Shootings

After the mass shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School on March 27, 2023, there have been increased calls for civilian disarmament among the political class. 

However, according to a recently published poll by Rasmussen, a plurality of voters view mental health as the main cause of mass shootings. 42% of likely United States voters believe mental health is more to blame for mass shootings in America, whereas 29% blame firearms access. An additional 11% indicated social media is more to blame for mass shootings, whereas 7% blame school problems and 6% believe family problems are more to blame. 

Approximately 67% of voters believe it is likely that the attack on Nashville’s Covenant School will inspire “copycat” attacks on Christian schools, which includes 32% who think it’s very likely. 20% don’t believe “copycat” shootings are likely, and 12% are unsure.

54% of Republican voters, 33% of Democrat voters, and 41% of independent voters believe mental health is more to blame for mass shootings in America. 43% of Democrat voters, 10% of Republican voters, and 31% of independent voters blame firearm access more for mass shootings. 

73% of Republican voters, 68% of Democrat voters, or 60% of independent voters believe that the Nashville shooting is likely to inspire similar “copycat” attacks on Christian schools.

45% of white voters, 29% of black voters, and 42% of other non-black minorities are more to blame for mass shootings, whereas 30% of white voters, 28% of black voters, and 24% of non-black minorities place more blame on firearm access. Black voters are more likely to blame school problems for causing mass shootings.

Voters with university education are more likely to blame firearms access for mass shootings.

Overall, there’s no monolithic desire for gun control in the US. Despite some anti-gun encroachments made by Gun Control Inc. there are still residually strong pro-gun inclinations among the American populace. That will make the passage of large gun grabs a near impossibility. 

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