POLL: More Americans Trust President Donald Trump to Lead the Country than Joe Biden

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, more Americans trust President Trump to handle the economy and the coronavirus outbreak over Joe Biden.

President Trump and the expected Democrat nominee Joe Biden should be in a dead heat for the 2020 elections.

If the election were held today, Biden holds a 49 percent advantage to Trump’s 47 percent, thus indicating a tight race.

However, the president holds a solid advantage over Biden on handling of the economy and his leadership regarding the Wuhan flu.

Trump has a significant advantage on the economy, beating Biden by a 52-42 percent count among voters.

The incumbent president is also trusted more for his management of the Wuhan flu crisis, enjoying a 47-43 percent advantage over his Democrat challenger.

Solid numbers no doubt.

Trump should not let these trends dissipate.

He must capitalize by restricting immigration as much as possible to tighten up the labor market.

From there, he can use his heterodox nationalist policies coupled with a pro-worker/small business program to build a more prosperous America while transforming the GOP into a populist party that supports limited government, strong borders, and a foreign policy of restraint.

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