POLL: More and More Americans Are Opposing DEI

According to a recent poll published by Rasmussen, a measly 25% of American adults believe diversity, equity, and inclusion programs improve companies. 

DEI policies have the aim of promoting “the fair treatment and full participation of all people,” especially among groups “who have historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination” on the grounds of identity or disability. 64% of individuals polled know about DEI. 34% of voters believe DEI is worsening  companies. 25% indicated that DEI programs don’t make much of an impact and 16% are unsure. 

In a similar vein, 37% of Americans believe diversity, equity and inclusion programs are worsening products and entertainment. By contrast, 22% believe DEI is making them better. 26% signaled that DEI does not have much of an impact, and 15% are unsure. Among individuals who are very familiar with DEI, 56% believe such anti-white programs are worsening entertainment and products.

38% of Republican voters, 33% of Democrat voters, and 27% of independent voters indicated that they’re very familiar with DEI policies. 57% of Republican voters believe diversity, equity and inclusion programs are making products and entertainment worse, a view that is shared by 23% of Democrat voters and 36% of independent voters.

24% of white voters, 32% of black voters, and 25% of non-black minorities believe diversity, equity and inclusion programs are  improving companies, whereas 34% of white voters, 24% of black voters and 39% of non-black minorities indicating that DEI is making companies worse.

35% of government workers and 26% of private sector workers  believe DEI makes companies better.

Americans making over $200,000 are most likely to believe that DEI makes companies better, while those making between $30,000 and $50,000 are most likely to indicate DEI is making companies worse.

DEI is a blight on the US and will contribute to its decline in the long-term. This and other forms of noxious leftism needs to be thoroughly purged from the US education system. 


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