POLL: More Republicans and Democrats are Losing Confidence in Democracy

Is America’s unique system of government on the ropes?

Roughly 40% of Americans said they have lost confidence in democracy, according to a new poll’s findings.

In an Axios-Momentive poll, released on January 5, 2022 47% of Republicans and 28% of Democrats signaled they no longer have faith in the process, whereas 10% said they never had any faith and 49% said they still do.

A similar survey published on January 4 discovered that over 80% of Americans were worried about the prospects of democracy in the United States. Moreover, these numbers featured majorities in both major political parties.

Although Republicans were more likely than Democrats to express their loss of faith in democracy, they were also more likely to say that their faith depended on who was in power.

The Axios survey was released the day before the anniversary of the January 6 storming of the Capitol .

According to this survey, 55% of Americans believed that Biden won the 2020 election. This marked a 3% decrease from poll numbers in 2020.

On top of that, 57% of survey respondents indicated that a similar event to January 6 will happen in the next few years.

58% of respondents said they back the January 6 Select Committee investigating the storming of capitol. 

However, the support for an investigation is largely divided on partisan lines, with nearly 90% of Democrats supporting, while only 32% of Republicans support such an investigation. 

Furthermore, Democrats indicated that democracy is strong when more people participate in elections. 79% of Democrat respondents indicated such sentiments, whereas only 46% of Republicans hold those views.

By contrast, 48% of Republicans were more likely to say that it was more important that the “right people” voted. Only 18% of Democrats expressed these beliefs. 

Overall, the level of trust in the American system is deteriorating at a rapid rate. 

National populists must pursue policies that establish election integrity, halt immigration, and purge radical leftist divisiveness from the education system. It’s one of the only ways to end polarization and establish a strong civic identity that preserves the historic character of America.

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