POLL: More Voters Expect Donald Trump to Win Presidential Debates Over Joe Biden

A new poll suggests that more voters expect President Donald Trump to win the three slated presidential debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

The USA Today/Suffolk poll, that was released Sunday, reveals that 47% of registered voters expect President Trump to win the debates. Only 41% of voters expect Biden to win, a figure well below the percentage of support the former Vice President usually gets in national polls.

Independents were even more likely than the general survey respondents to suggest that President Trump would win the debates, with 47% saying he would win and 37% believing Biden would win.

The survey may indicate that a broad segment of the American public is aware of Biden’s seeming cognitive decline, and that they don’t expect the Democratic Party’s elder figure to be the sharpest on his toes when he tees with the President. The first of the three planned presidential debates is slated on September 29th, with Fox News liberal Chris Wallace being tasked as moderator.

The poll queried 1,000 registered voters in late August.

The Donald Trump presidential campaign recently called upon Joe Biden to restate his commitment to participating in the three planned debates, citing Democrat House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s call for her candidate to skip the debates with the President.

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