POLL: Most Voters Are Concerned With Election Fraud in 2024

In a recent Rasmussen poll,  56% of likely United States voters believe it’s likely that cheating will have an impact on the outcome of the 2024 presidential election, which includes 33% who think it’s very likely. 37% indicated it is unlikely the election will be impacted by cheating, which includes 20% who consider it unlikely. 

44% of voters trust Democrats more to protect the integrity of elections and 40% trust Republicans more. 16% are unsure. 

82% of Democrats voters trust their own party more to uphold election integrity, while 74% of Republican voters trust the GOP more. Among independent voters, 38% trust Republicans more and 33% trust Democrats more to defend the integrity of elections in the US.

74% of Republican voters and 47% of Democrat voters and independent voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that fraud will shape the outcome of  next year’s presidential election.

 75% of Republican voters, 43% of Democrat voters and 49% of independent voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that state and federal officials are overlooking evidence of rampant election fraud.

50% of white voters, 71% of black voters, and 63% of other non-black minorities believe it is at least somewhat likely that cheating will affect the result of the 2024 presidential election. Black voters are significantly more likely to trust Democrats to protect the integrity of elections.

40% of private sector workers, 37% of government employees, and 30% of retirees believe it is very likely that cheating will impact the 2024 election. As far as income earners are concerned, those making below $50,000 annually are the most likely to believe the 2024 election could be impacted by cheating.

Americans have clearly lost trust in the entire political process. That’s perfectly understandable given how dysfunctional the country has become in recent years due to increased political polarization and corruption of the political system. 

At some point, there will need to be a total facelift of the system for things to get sorted out in the US. If not, the US will entire a state of complete political decline. 

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