POLL: Most Voters Don’t Believe Trump Will Receive a Fair Trial

A recently published Rasmussen poll found that 42% of likely United States voters believe it’s likely Donald Trump will be able to receive a fair trial in New York City, which includes 27% who say a fair trial is very likely. That said, 51% of voters don’t believe Trump is likely to get a fair trial in New York, which includes 31% who indicated a fair trial is unlikely.

A jury of 12 people and 6 alternates was seated on April 19, 2024 in the Manhattan court where Trump has repeatedly described the prosecution as a politically-motivated “witch hunt.” 54% of voters agree that the New York case is a “witch hunt,” which includes 41% who strongly agree. 40% disagree with Trump’s “witch hunt” description, which includes 31% who strongly disagree.    

74% of voters stated that they have been following news concerning the Trump trial, which includes 33% who’ve been following the trial very closely. 

42% of Republican voters, 34% of Democrats, and 22% of independent voters have followed news about the trial very closely. Among likely voters who stated they’ve followed news about the Trump trial very closely, 57% agree with Trump’s argument that the prosecution is part of a “witch hunt.”

Among those who say they voted for Trump in 2020, only 15% believe it’s likely that Trump will get a fair trial in New York City. Among Biden voters, by contrast, 73% believe Trump is likely to receive a fair trial.

68% of Democrat voters, but only 23% of Republican voters, and 33% of independent voters, believe Trump is likely to receive a fair trial in the Big Apple.

85% of Republican voters, 25% of Democrat voters, and 54% of independent voters at least somewhat agree with Trump that the New York prosecution represents a politicized “witch hunt.”

When it comes to race, 41% of white voters, 52% of black voters, 35% of Hispanic voters and 49% of non-black minorities view it as at least somewhat likely Trump will receive a fair trial. 55% of white voters, 43% of black voters, 67% of Hispanic voters, and 42% of non-black minorities at least somewhat agree that the prosecution in New York is part of a “witch hunt.”

As far as income earners are concerned, individuals making over $200,000 annually are the most likely to believe Trump can receive a fair trial in NYC. On the other hand, individuals making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually are least likely to believe that the Trump trial will be fair. 

America is becoming a banana republic as its ruling class is pulling every trick in the book to ensure that a populist candidate is completely derailed before the election in November. Whatever one thinks about Trump, the idea that political actors can just disenfranchise millions of voters by depriving them of a candidate to vote for in the present election cycle.

Now is not the time to wax poetic about principles and playing nice. 

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