POLL: Most Voters View Donald Trump As More Pro-Israel Compared to Joe Biden

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 40% of likely United States voters believe former President Donald Trump is a stronger supporter of the state of Israel. By contrast, 27% believe Biden is a stronger supporter of Israel. 

21% of voters indicated that Trump and Biden are roughly the same in terms of their support for Israel. An additional 12% are unsure. 

With respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict, 45% of American voters are more sympathetic with the Israelis. 22% of voters are more sympathetic to the Palestinians, while an additional 33% are undecided.

Among voters who sympathize more with Israel, 64% believe Trump is a stronger supporter of Israel.

Just 24% of American voters believe that Israel supporters are complicit in promoting a genocide in Gaza, which includes 10% who strongly agree. 56% of American voters disagree with this assessment, which includes 375 who strongly disagree. An additional 20% are unsure. 

34% of Democrat voters agree that backers of Israel are “complicit in genocide,” but that opinion is shared by only 18% of Republican voters and 18% of independent voters. 51% of GOP voters strongly disagree that Israel’s supporters are “complicit in genocide,” in addition to 21% of Democrat voters and 40% of independent voters.

65% of Republican voters, 27% of Democrat voters, and 40% of independent voters are sympathetic with the Israelis. 33% of Democrat voters, 12% of Republican voters, and 20% of independent voters are more sympathetic with the Palestinians.

When it comes to race, 40% of whites voters, 28% of black voters, and 32% of non-black minority voters strongly disagree that supporters of Israel are carrying out water for a state that is committing a genocide. 49% of whites voters, 27% of black voters, and 43% of non-black minorities are more sympathetic with Israel. 

34% of government employees, 27% of private sector workers, and 12% of retirees are sympathetic with the Palestinians. 

People can hold whatever views they want with respect to the Israel vs. Palestine conflict. However, the US should stop sending money to both Israel and Palestine. Instead, it should take a more non-interventionist approach to this conflict. 

Truth be told, this will be a tough proposition owing to how thoroughly captured the US is by foreign interests. A new political class has to emerge for any meaningful political change to occur here.

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