POLL: Nearly ⅔ of Americans Are Against the Biden Regime’s “Catch and Release” Policy for Illegal Alien Invaders

Per a recent Los Angeles Times, YouGov poll, 65% of Americans indicated that the Biden regime’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs to be detaining border crossers and illegal aliens or immediately deporting them to their countries of origin upon arriving at the United States-Mexico border.

Less than 20% of Americans indicated that they are in favor of the Biden regime’s Catch and Release network.

Of the 65% majority surveyed, 42% signaled that border crossers and illegal aliens must wait out their asylum hearings in their country of origin. Whereas 23% said they should be detained in the US as they wait for their asylum hearings.

One thing John Binder of Breitbart News noted about this poll was the surprising level of Hispanic support for tougher measures against border crossers and illegal aliens. Roughly 60% of Hispanic Americans indicated that border crossers and illegal aliens should be detained stateside or deported to their native countries as they await their hearings. Just 26% signaled that they support releasing new arrivals into the American interior. 

The Biden regime’s Catch and Release network is immensely unpopular. So much so that even 53% of registered Democrats, want border crossers and illegal aliens to be detained or deported. 

Less than 30% of Democrats indicated that they support Biden’s Catch and Release policy.

59% of swing voters and 86% of Republicans are against Biden’s Catch and Release network.

There’s clearly broad bipartisan opposition to some of the worst aspects of mass migration. The problem is that DC has been largely captured by Open Borders Inc. It’s going to take a concerted push in the primaries to ensure that treasonous open borders politicians are purged from the GOP.

The only way these people will stop demographically destroying America via mass migration is by showing them that their actions will be met with fierce punishment at the polls.

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