Poll: Nearly 80 Percent of Republicans Want Trump to Run for President in 2024

A recent poll has shown that nearly 80 percent of Republicans want Donald Trump to run for president in 2024 after he was ousted from the White House amidst an unprecedented amount of fraud.

A Quinnipiac University survey shows that 78 percent of Republicans want Trump to run in 2024 while 94 percent of Democrats and 58 percent of independents believe he should not run. His popularity among Republicans is improving, as only 66 percent of Republicans believed he should run in 2024 in a similar poll from May.

“While a majority of Americans say, ‘been there, done that’ about Trump, and half feel he has damaged the underpinnings of democracy, support for the former president within the GOP has grown,” said Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy.

Big League Politics has reported on how Trump remains the undisputed leader of the GOP as he leads on issues that the vast majority of Republicans won’t touch with a ten foot pole:

President Donald Trump wished murdered patriot Ashli Babbitt a happy birthday during a Texas rally to honor the memory of the Jan. 6 martyr.

Trump recorded a video message for the Texas Loves Ashli Babbitt Rally on Sunday. He is demanding justice for Babbitt’s family, who has launched a lawsuit after the feds excused and condoned the execution of the peaceful protester.

“I offer my unwavering support to Ashli’s family— And call on the DOJ to re-open the investigation into her death on January 6th,” Trump said in the video address.

The video can be seen here:

… Trump is correct to champion Babbitt’s sacrifice for her country. Globalism will not be defeated unless millions of Americans show her courage in fighting for freedom in their tattered and debauched nation.

Any conservative talking head entertaining the thoughts of someone else taking the baton from Trump is deluding themselves. Trump has unfinished business to take care of in 2024, and he will almost certainly attempt to avenge the robbery that happened in last year’s election.

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