POLL: Nearly Half of American Voters View the Russo-Ukrainian as Stalemate

On the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2023, almost half of American voters view the Russo-Ukrainian conflict as a stalemate.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, only 19% of likely United States voters believe Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. 21% believe Ukraine is winning, which is a significant decrease from December when the number stood at 32%.  46% view the Russo-Ukrainian conflict as essentially a stalemate, which is up from December’s figure of 38%. An additional 14% are unsure who’s winning. 

41% of voters gave President Joe Biden an excellent or good grade for the way he has handled the situation in Ukraine. By contrast, 37% gave Biden a poor grade on the way he has handled the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

28% of voters believe the US is not doing enough to assist Ukraine stave off the Russian invasion, whereas 35% believe the US is doing too much in Ukraine. 28% believe the amount of US military and economic aid to Ukraine is just right.

33% of Democrats voters, 21% of Republican voters, and 29% independent voters believe the US isn’t doing enough to aid Ukraine. 44% of Republicans are more likely than Democrats (26%) or independent voters (36%) to believe the US is doing too much during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

31% of Democrats, 15% of Republicans, and 16% of independent voters believe that Ukraine is winning the war. By contrast, 51% of independent voters, 47% of Republican voters, and 40% of Democrat voters believe the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is at a stalemate. 

Americans are gradually growing tired of this conflict as Ukraine isn’t going to dish out a resounding victory against Russia as many in the corporate media have been predicting. For the sake of maintaining geopolitical stability and allowing the US to focus more of its attention on more pressing domestic matters, the US should wind down this proxy conflict as much as possible. 


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