POLL: Nearly Half of Americans are Against the Biden Regime’s Foreign Policy 

According to a YouGov/Economist poll released on August 24, 2022, 49% of American residents are against United States President Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

The poll revealed that 35% of Americans “strongly disapprove” of the way the Biden regime is conducting foreign policy. The Biden regime’s foreign policy was approved by 40% of poll respondents and 11% were unsure about it. 

Per the poll, 57% of US respondents believe that there is a heightened possibility of a Cold War 2.0 kicking off in the near future. Only 11% of the respondents believe there is less of a chance of a new Cold War transpiring. 

Russian state-affiliated media outlet TASS cited a Fox News poll that was released on August 11 that showed 59% of Americans disapproving of the Biden regime’s foreign policy. Only 38% of respondents approved of Biden’s foreign policy. 

There’s clearly discontent brewing in the air. Starting with the bungled withdrawal in Afghanistan, the Biden regime has proven to be not just incompetent but also negligent on foreign policy affairs. Despite this failure in Afghanistan, the whiz kids in the Biden regime remain convinced that prosecuting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is the height of enlightened statecraft.

That’s how degraded US foreign policy has become. 

In such times of policy irrationality, an America First alternative of foreign policy restraint and non-interventionist leanings is desperately needed. 

The combination of an unstable economy coupled with an over-stretched imperial presence abroad is putting the country on the brink of a systemic collapse. The way that can be avoided is by going the America First route of retrenching our foreign policy aims and bringing order to our domestic politics. Ultimately, America’s biggest threats are internal. And they specifically reside in the DC Swamp. 

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