POLL: Nevada Voters Demand Less Immigration

According to a poll conducted by Rasmussen and NumbersUSA, just 13% of likely Nevada voters want their state’s population to continue to grow rapidly, whereas 40% want the population to grow more slowly.

Curiously, the population of Nevada has increased over threefold over the last four decades. 20% of Nevada voters want the state’s population to stay roughly the same size and 22% want the state’s population to be reduced.

51% of Nevada voters want local and state governments in Nevada to make it more difficult for people to move into Nevada from other states by putting restrictions on development, whereas 60% are in favor of reducing immigration.

71% of Nevada voters believe that the government should force all businesses to use the federal electronic E-Verify system to help guarantee that they hire only legal workers for American jobs. Just 18% oppose a mandatory E-Verify program, whereas 11% are unsure.

Since the 1980s, Nevada has had the US’s fastest population growth. 81% of the state’s voters are worried that Nevada’s government will be able to guarantee sufficient water supplies for the growing population, which includes 48% who are very concerned. Just 15% aren’t worried that the state will be able to guarantee water supplies for Nevada’s growing population.

Nevada is the US’s driest state, with cities and towns competing with agricultural areas for water. 31% of Nevada voters believe some water resources currently used to irrigate farmland should be diverted to prop up increased human population growth in Nevada. However, 51% are against diverting water from agricultural uses. An additional  17% are unsure. 

When it comes to President Joe Biden’s job performance, 45% of Nevada voters approve of it, which includes 25% who strongly approve of the Biden regime’s policies. 54% of Nevada voters are against Biden’s performance, which includes 44% who strongly disapprove. 

As far as accommodating new residents in the state, just 14% of Nevada voters are in favor of paying higher property taxes to help make more space for newcomers. By contrast, 74% are against imposing higher property taxes to do so. 

With respect to the 2024 presidential race, 43% of Nevada voters support former President Donald Trump, 43% support Biden, and 9% support RFK Jr.

Nevada voters have every reason to become disillusioned with the current political system. It clearly serves the interests of Big Capital, diversity bureaucrats, and multinational corporations that don’t have the interests of everyday Nevadans in mind. 

While Nevada has been lauded for its economic growth,  such growth is captured by a narrow elite at the middle American’s expense. The only way to rectify this situation is by imposing immigration restriction, bringing back rational forms of protectionism, downsizing the administrative state, and restoring sound money. 

From there, a system of sound economic growth will be allowed to bloom.

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