POLL: New Yorkers are Getting Fed Up With the Biden Regime’s Mass Migration Agenda

According to a new poll released on August 22, 2023, residents of New York City are starting to grow frustrated by the Biden regime’s inability to contain the massive influx of illegal aliens into the city. 

46% respondents of the Siena College Research Institute poll indicated that newly arrived migrants to New York City were a “burden” and not a “benefit” to New York state. By contrast, less than a third of respondents held the opposite view. 

On top of that, nearly 60% of New Yorkers polled believe the state has already done enough to help out and should instead crack down on the surge of incoming migrants. 

The state’s trouble in handling the migrant crisis is making the New York public sour on Governor Kathy Hochul. Only 35% of New Yorkers approve of the way Hochul has handled the migrant crisis. 

Similarly, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has also seen his image tarnished by the migrant crisis. 31% of respondents approve of the way he has tackled the migrant crisis. For his part, Adams has had choice words for Hochul and President Joe Biden as far as the way they’ve handled the migrant influx. 

“We’re pointing the finger at our national government,” Adams said at a press conference in May from El Paso, Texas. “This is a national problem. We must have real immigration reform, and we must immediately have a short-term fix of making sure that the cost of this does not fall on our local cities,” he continued.

New Yorkers’ dissatisfaction with Democratic leadership has now made its way to the Biden regime. “For the first time in a Siena College poll, more New Yorkers now view Biden unfavorably, 50 percent, than view him favorably, 46 percent,” a spokesperson for the polling company stated.

All in all, there’s general disillusion with the Biden regime’s immigration policies. For populists, it’s a no-brainer to continue roasting mass migration and the Great Replacement agenda. It’s the existential issue of our time. 

Any Republican that isn’t campaigning on restricting immigration is out of touch and should not be taken seriously by voters.

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