Poll: Only 38 Percent of Americans Think Deceased Felon George Floyd was ‘Murdered’

A new poll has shown that Americans are rejecting the media narrative regarding felon George Floyd, who died on fentanyl during a police encounter last year.

The media-generated blood libel against police that Floyd was murdered because of the color of his skin resulted in an orgy of terror in the streets last year. The Black Lives Matter movement based its revolutionary ideology on this Big Lie, but not as many Americans are drinking the marxist kool aid as they were in 2020.

A poll conducted by USA Today/Ipsos shows that only 38 percent of Americans believe Floyd was “murdered” by law enforcement during a police encounter in Minneapolis last year. This is down from 60 percent last June as Americans sober up to the fact that they were deceived once again by fake news propaganda.

49 percent of respondents in the latest poll want law and order, while 31 percent believe protest rights are more important. In June, 45 percent of respondents preferred law and order over the so-called right to protest. 44 percent of respondents believed at the time that the right to protest takes precedence over rule of law. Americans are wising up about the reality of the left-wing racial justice movement.

Forty percent of respondents in the latest poll believe that race relations have deteriorated in the wake of the BLM terror uprising, and only 13 percent of Americans believe they have improved. Sixty percent of Americans hope to see officer Derek Chauvin convicted for subduing Floyd, with 54 percent of white Americans wanting Chauvin’s conviction and 76 percent of blacks hoping Chauvin is placed behind bars.

Big League Politics reported at the time on how radically-Islamic Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison withheld the video that showed Floyd on drugs, incoherent, and resisting in the moments before his death:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is calling out Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison for withholding police body cam video recorded by Minneapolis law enforcement shortly before the death of serial felon drug addict George Floyd.

Immediately after Floyd’s death went viral, a massive racial uprising was staged and the instance was used as proof of white racist terror against black people. The dash cam video shows that this was never the case.

Carlson pointed out that Ellison, who is an Islamist with deep ties to virulently racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, could have released the video to correct the media-driven narrative of racial division but chose not to do so. America is now on fire, with crime spiking and the rule of law disintegrating nationwide, as a result of Ellison’s misconduct.

“The video seems relevant, particularly considering all that has happened next. And the answer to why we haven’t seen it is simple: because Keith Ellison, he is the Attorney General in Minnesota, hid the video from the public. He refused to release the footage and admitted it,” Carlson said.

Carlson played a clip of Ellison claiming that he hid the footage from the public because he felt that it would give him a better chance of successfully prosecuting the cops who encountered Floyd shortly before his death.

“Videos like this are released all the time by authorities,” Carlson noted.

“In this case, it was hidden, and, in fact, if it weren’t leaked to a foreign newspaper, we wouldn’t have seen that video,” Carlson added, referring to the police video of Floyd.

Americans need to realize that the mass media is lying to them about these racial events and stop reacting in ways that allow violent leftists to seize control over civilization.

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