POLL: Plurality of Voters Believe Amnesty for Illegal Alien invaders Will Worsen Immigration Problems

As Congress is floating an amnesty program for illegal aliens, a plurality of voters believe such a program will exacerbate the current border crisis. 

Per the latest Rasmussen poll, 46% of likely United States voters believe that granting amnesty to the roughly 20+ million illegal aliens in the US would worsen the illegal immigration problem. 

Just 23% believe amnesty would improve illegal immigration problems, whereas 20% believe said it wouldn’t make much of an impact and an additional 10% are unsure.

At the moment, mass migration boosters are trying to sneak in an amnesty bill through Congress during the “lame duck” session prior to Republicans taking over the House next year.

71% of Republican voters believe amnesty would exacerbate illegal immigration problems. By contrast, 24% of Democrats and 46% of independent voters share similar beliefs.  36% of Democrats, 11% of Republicans, and 21% of independent voters believe amnesty would improve the country’s immigration problems.

49% of voters believe illegal immigration problems are getting worse, whereas only 13% believe it’s improving and 33% believe the problem is staying more or less the same.

47% of voters rated President Joe Biden poorly for the way he has handled immigration related issues, compared to 34% who rate Biden good (21%) or excellent (13%) on the immigration question. In August, 50% rated Biden poorly on immigration matters.

74% of Republicans, 48% of independent voters, and 19% of Democrats rated Biden poorly on the way he has handled immigration related matters. 51% of Democrats rate Biden’s handling of immigration policy excellent or good. However, only 17% of Republicans and 31% of independent voters share that sentiment.

73% of Republicans, 26% of Democrats and 50% of independent voters believe illegal immigration problems are getting worse. 18% of Democrats, 11% of Republicans, and 9% of unaffiliated voters believe the problem of illegal immigration is improving. 50% of Democrats, 14% of Republicans, and 35% of independent voters believe that the illegal immigration problem is staying the same.

As for race, 31% of white, 42% of black, and 37% of other non-white minorities rate Biden good or excellent for the way he has handled immigration. 53% of white, 20% of black, and 42% of other minorities think Biden is doing a poor job of handling immigration.

A majority of voters making below $50,000 annually believe amnesty would worsen illegal immigration.

Voters under 40 are less likely than older voters to believe that passing amnesty would worsen the illegal immigration problem.

The voters understand that mass migration is a big problem. However, the political class doesn’t get that. 

It’s going to take an America First takeover in order to set things straight as far as immigration public policy is concerned. The Open Borders Inc. uniparty has no desire to reform immigration policy along patriotic lines.

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