POLL: Republican Voters are Most Concerned About Illegal Immigration, Democrats Most Concerned About… Republicans!

New polling from Echelon Insights reveals that while Republicans are most concerned about illegal immigration and left-wing anarcho-tyranny, Democrats are most concerned about heritage Americans.

The polling, which was released earlier in the week, asked respondents to identify political issues most of personal concern to them. Illegal immigration topped the list for Republicans. The Left’s attempt to abolish police and establish anarcho-tyranny in major US cities came in second place, with high taxes coming in third.

Questionable allusions to omnipresent ‘socialism’ and insinuations that Biden is a Communist failed to resonate with middle-class voters in the November presidential election and Georgia’s January Senate runoff election. While the issue remains a real concern of Republicans, Biden hasn’t implemented socialism. It’s unclear how much influence the socialist Left of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will have over his government.

However, his thorough gutting of immigration enforcement, administrative abolition of ICE, and termination of wall construction are very real and are tantamount to no less than an embrace of open borders unprecedented in American history.

Democrats are most unified in their hatred of Donald Trump supporters, and supposed white nationalism. The poll results for Democrats reveal that the Left has adopted a full, partisan-tribal sectarian approach to American politics.

Republicans need to deliver for their voters and hone in on a pro-American approach to deterring illegal immigration, and deporting those that infiltrate the borders. President Donald Trump originally ran on border security and stopping illegal immigration as his signature campaign issue in the 2016 election, promising to build a ‘big, beautiful’ wall to safeguard the border. In great part because of President Trump’s policy successes on illegal immigration, conservatives gradually started focusing elsewhere. However, now that Biden’s spurring the largest ‘caravan’ style wave of immigration in decades by gutting his ‘America First’ immigration policies, Republicans need to provide a real opposition, and pressure him into enforcing immigration law where they’re able.

It remains to be seen if the GOP will fight for the priorities of its voter base, or focus purely on entertainment-style reality show politics.

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