POLL: Republicans Hold an 8-Point Lead for the 2022 Midterms 

As November 8, 2022 draws closer, it’s becoming apparent that Republicans will be poised for a strong performance in the midterm term elections. 

According to a poll by Rasmussen, Republicans hold an 8-point advantage in their campaign to take back control of Congress. 

In this poll, 47% of likely United States voters would vote for the Republican candidate, whereas 39% would vote for the Democrat.  

Only 5% would vote for another candidate and 8% are unsure about who they would vote for. 

For perspective, in July 2018, Democrats possessed a 6-point advantage (46%-40%). As the 2018 midterms drew closer, those numbers were 46%-45% in Republicans’ favor.  Democrats would later take back the House that November. Republicans picked up several Senate seats, thereby maintaining control of the chamber in that election cycle. 

87% of Republican voters indicated that they would vote for Republican congressional candidates.  By contrast, 77% of Democratic voters would vote for Democratic candidates. Among independent voters, 41% would pull the lever for Republicans and 30% would vote for Democrats. By contrast, 12% of independents would vote for other candidates and 16% are still undecided.

54% of white voters, 24% of black voters, and 41% of other non-white minorities would vote Republican in the 2022 midterms. 58% of black voters, 37% of white voters, and 36% of other non-white voters would pull the lever for Democrats.

Republicans hold a 50%-38% advantage among voters who earn between $30,000 and $50,000 annually, whereas Democrats have a 14-point lead, 49%-35%, among voters making north of $200,000.

Republicans look poised to make big gains in the 2022 midterms. At first glance, this is good news. However, right-wing populists need to make sure that the right faction of Republicans gets elected. 

Having neocons and their fellow travelers take control will only guarantee more of the same and perpetuate the uniparty’s failed policies that put America Last. 

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