POLL: Republicans Still Enjoy the Lead on Economic Matters

According to a Rasmussen poll, 51% of likely United States Voters trust Republicans more to tackle the economy, whereas 38% confide in Democrats more and 11% are undecided. 

Incumbent President Joe Biden has branded his economic program as “Bidenomics” 

Only 27% of voters believe “Bidenomics” will help Biden win his reelection bid in 2024, whereas 46% indicated that it will help Trump come out on top. 22% of voters believe “Bidenomics” will not have much of an impact on the presidential campaign. 

89% of Republican voters and 79% of Democrat voters trust their own party more to tackle the economy. Among independent voters, 51% trust Republicans more to tackle the economy, and just 26% trust Democrats more on this issue.

51% of Democrat voters believe “Bidenomics” will help Biden win in the 2024 presidential election, but only 9% of Republican voters and 19% of independent voters are in agreement. 72% of Republican votes, 17% of Democrat voters, and 48% of independent voters believe “Bidenomics” will propel Trump to victory in November.

As far race is concerned, 52% of white voters, 34% of black voters, 53% of Hispanic voters, and 65% of other non-white minorities trust Republicans more to handle the economy, whereas 37% of white voters, 51% of black voters, 40% of Hispanic voters, and 20% of non-white minorities trust Democrats more on economic matters.

51% of private sector workers and 41% of government employees believe that “Bidenomics” will contribute to Trump’s election victory in November.

As far as income is concerned, individuals making over $200,000 annually are the most likely to indicate that they trust the Republican politicians to handle economic matters. 

Bidenomics is a mess. It’s just another permutation of the pro-easy money, heavy regulatory state economic agenda that the ruling class promotes. This is a recipe for economic stagnation and eventually mass impoverishment.

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