POLL: RFK Has the Highest Favorability Rating of All Presidential Candidates

According to a recently published Harvard-Harris poll, Kennedy has the highest favorability rating of any presidential candidate running in the 2024 election cycle.

Kennedy enjoys a favorable rating of 47% and an unfavorable rating of 26%, per the survey, which was released on July 23, 2023. 

Former President Donald Trump enjoys a favorability rating of 45% compared with a 49% unfavorability rating. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enjoys a 40% favorable rating and 37% unfavorable, and President Joe Biden has 39% favorable and 53% unfavorable ratings.

Per survey, Trump is projected to defeat Biden in the general election by a 45% to 40% margin.

In a similar vein, Trump would best Vice President Kamala Harris by a 47% to 38% margin, per the poll’s findings.

Similarly, Kennedy also enjoyed the highest net favorability rating of all 2024 presidential candidates in a June poll released by The Economist/YouGov.

Kennedy was viewed favorably by 49% respondents and unfavorably by 30%, which yields a net favorability rating of 19.

Biden and Trump had respective 45% and 43%  favorability ratings. Biden’s net favorability rating was minus 7, whereas Trump’s was minus 10.

RFK Jr. is easily the best Democratic Party candidate to run for the presidency in the last 50 years. On issues ranging from the biosecurity state to foreign policy, Kennedy is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, for those reasons, he will likely be derailed by the Democrat establishment, which has been thoroughly captured by neoliberal wokism.

Nevertheless, Kennedy’s presence serves as a solid check against the present set of cultural insanity that has thoroughly captured the modern-day Democrat Party. 

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