Poll Shows Support For Border Wall at All Time High, Huge Increase Since Last Year

In the midst of the longest shutdown in government history, over which the mainstream press is in meltdown mode and Congressional Democrats are throwing a fit, support for the border wall, which is the cause of the shutdown, has reached an all time high among the American people.

A new ABC/Washington Post Poll shows that 42 percent of Americans support building a wall at the southern border, up from just 36 percent at this time last year. The previous record high for border wall support was 37 percent, according to polling data. Notably, support for the wall has increased 16 points among Republicans and 11 percent among independents.

Opposition for the wall has significantly decreased, too. While 54 percent of respondents still said that they oppose a wall, that number has decreased from 62 percent in 2018.

The question is, what has changed?

Likely, the mainstream press has had some effect on the American people. The corporate press constantly downplays of the very real scenario at the border, which includes thousands of illegal crossings daily, hundreds of thousands of pounds of drugs smuggled per year, cartels abusing young women as part of their fee for smuggling them into the United States, combined with thousands of horrific crimes committed annually by illegal aliens in America. The press’ pooh-poohing of these serious issues might just be making the ordinary American suspicious.

Americans are not stupid, contrary to what the elite media believes. When presented with facts and evidence, which they have been bombarded with over the course of the past few months, they are quite reasonable.

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