POLL: Support for No-Fly Zone is Mixed

When it comes to implementing a no-fly zone, Americans are hesitant about pursuing such a measure.

The establishment of a no-fly zone in Ukraine would give the US or NATO forces the power to shoot down Russian planes in Ukrainian airspace. Such a move would assuredly escalate tensions and could heighten the possibility of a nuclear exchange. 

A YouGov poll conducted from March 10 to March 14, showed differing data points after people were surveyed about the establishment of a no-fly zone. But the caveat here was the question framing. 

When people understand what a no-fly zone entails, they start to realize the dangers of supporting such a policy. 


Without a definition of a no-fly zone, 40% of people supported the concept, while 35% were unsure, and 25% were in opposition. 

When voters were informed of the definition of a no-fly zone, 43% of people ended up opposing the concept. On the other hand, only 23% would support the implementation of a no-fly zone and 34% of people were unsure. 

Regardless of the obscene levels of warmongering by the corporate media, the American people still have strong anti-war instincts. However, it is still disappointing to see the Republican Party continue to be reflexively pro-war in how numerous elected officials are calling for a no-fly zone, increased military aid to Ukraine, and heightened sanctions against Russia.

It’s up to national populists to be voices of foreign policy restraint in this time of mass hysteria. America cannot afford to sleepwalk itself into a nuclear conflict. 

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