POLL: The Wealthy, Those with Graduate Degrees Thriving During COVID Pandemic as Working People Suffer

Supporters Alaina Marasa left, and Tobias Riker from La Mirada, Calif., wear face masks and gloves as a proactive prevention measure, at a campaign event of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles Sunday, March 1, 2020. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

New polling from Morning Consult reveals that some of the demographics most supportive of draconian coronavirus lockdown measures are personally gaining the most during their implementation.

In a December poll with over 2,200 respondents, Americans with a post-graduate education and those who already make over $100,000 a year reported their personal prospects improving during 2020.

Americans who work in the technology and finance industries were unlikely to face ramifications from lockdown measures from begin with, suggesting it’s no surprise that they’d support draconian measures the most.

The polling data correlates with other information suggesting that the biggest ‘winners’ and wealthiest interests in American and western society have prospered as everyday people have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic. Globalist oligarchs leading multinational corporations have transferred obscene amounts of wealth to themselves, much of it coming as they corner market share previously belonging to small businesses that can only operate as a physical retail enterprise. In tried and true fashion, the biggest supporters of the most draconian lockdown measures don’t stand to suffer their consequences, and in fact reap their rewards.

Everyday Americans of various stripes are the ones that need the most assistance from the ravages of the pandemic, not the wealthy elite. The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic can’t be turned off by alleviating the draconian restrictions still in place in many of America’s progressive-Democrat states, but allowing small business owners to pick up the pieces is the first in many steps required to reverse the obscene ‘Great Reset’ of power and wealth in favor of the billionaire class.

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