POLL: Tucker Carlson is More Popular Than Fox News

According to a Rasmussen poll, 59% of likely United States voters have a favorable impression of Tucker Carlson, which included 36% who hold a very favorably opinion of him. 34% of likely voters view Carlson unfavorably, which includes 25% with a very unfavorable impression of the former Fox News host.

Carlson’s favorability rating is higher than Fox News, which is viewed favorably by 52% of voters, which includes 24% with a very favorable opinion. 42% view Fox News unfavorably, which  includes 28% with a very unfavorable impression.

Fox News’ ratings have fallen since the April 23 announcement that the network seemingly fired Carlson.

Only 19% of voters believe Tucker Carlson’s exit will make Fox News better. By contrast, 32% believe Carlson’s exit will worsen the network. 41% said Carlson’s departure will not make much of a difference at Fox. Unsurprisingly, Carlson is viewed most favorably among Republican voters and individuals who identify as conservative. 

71% of Republican voters, 48% of Democratic voters, and 55% of independent voters view Tucker favorably. 55% of conservatives have a very favorable impression of the former Fox News host. By contrast, only 18% of liberal and moderate voters hold that same opinion. 48% of liberals have a very unfavorable view of Carlson.  

61% of Republican voters, 50% of Democratic voters, and 42% of independent voters view Fox News somewhat favorably. Fox News received very favorable ratings from 33% of conservatives, 13% of moderates, and 19% of liberals. 49% of liberals have a very unfavorable view of Fox News.

47% of Republican voters believe Carlson’s departure will make Fox News worse, which 18% of Democratic voters and 32% independent voters also share. 29% of Democratic voters, 13% of Republican voters, and 15% of independent voters believe Carlson’s departure will improve Fox News’ show quality. 

When it comes to economic status, Carlson’s favorability is strongest among voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. Individuals with annual incomes north of $200,000 are most likely to say that Carlson’s exit will improve Fox News.

Overall, Tucker’s departure from Fox News will undoubtedly worsen the network’s show quality. He was the only TV host that made Fox watchable. 

However, there is a silver lining to Tucker’s exit: He can now freely speak his mind about controversial subjects on other alternative platforms should he take advantage of this opportunity. Hopefully, he taps into the growing alternative media ecosystem and starts anew with a truly politically incorrect form of programming. 

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