POLL: Voters are Still Concerned About Election Cheat and Don’t Trust Mail-in Voting

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll published on November 14, 2022, 57% of likely United States voters believe that it’s likely the result of several elections in 2022 will be impacted by cheating. Of these voters, 30% believe it’s “very likely” that these elections will be shaped by cheating. 

40% don’t believe election outcomes in 2022 are likely to be impacted by cheating, which includes 18% who say it’s “not At all likely.” 56% of voters believe it’s more important to ensure there is no cheating in elections, whereas 41% believe it’s more important to make it easier for all Americans to vote.

A majority (52%) believe mail-in voting facilitates cheating in elections. 14% believe voting by mail makes it more difficult to cheat. On the other hand, 30% indicated that mail-in-voting doesn’t have much of an impact in terms of cheating that goes down in elections.

70% of Republicans believe mail-in voting facilitates election cheating. By contrast, 41% of Democrats and 45% of independent voters don’t share this belief.

Though voters are not as hostile towards electronic voting, 35% of voters indicated that electronic voting machines make it easier to cheat in elections. By contrast, 26% believe electronic machines make it more difficult to cheat and 30% believe they don’t really make much of an impact in terms of cheating. 

More Republicans (66%) and independent voters (41%) than Democrats (39%) are worried that their votes might not be counted accurately due to voting machine malfunctions. In a similar vein, Democrats (26%) are less likely than Republicans (44%) or independent voters (36%) to believe electronic voting machines facilitate cheating in elections. 

Significantly more Republicans (46%) than Democrats (16%) or independent voters (27%) stated that it is “very likely” that the outcome of some elections this year will be impacted by cheating.

With so many election controversies, it’s becoming clear that the US’s electoral process is becoming third world in nature. In fact, there are third world countries that have more streamlined election processes than the US at this juncture. 

If the US can’t have secure elections, the globalist class will have electoral hegemony in no time. The only way to prevent this is by making election integrity the law of the land and punishing individuals and institutions that facilitate election fraud. 

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