POLL: Voters are Trusting Republicans More Than Democrats on Immigration

On several issues, voters are trusting Republicans more than Democrats by significant margins. 

According to a Rasmussen poll, 53% of likely United States voters trust Republicans more to tackle immigration. By contrast, only 36% trust Democrats more and 11% are unsure. 

50% trust Republicans more to tackle the issue of government spending, whereas 35% trust Democrats more and 15% are unsure.

On energy policy, 48% of voters trust Republicans more, 40% of Democrats trust more, and 12% are unsure. 

Republicans’ biggest advantage is on immigration. In fact, 20% of Democrats trust Republicans more on immigration. 

Among independent voters, Republicans hold a 35-point advantage, 56% to 31%, on the immigration issue. Voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 trust Republicans more on immigration matters. This makes sense given that mass migration is one of the most anti-working class policies. Mass migration puts downward pressure on worker wages and displaces countless workers with foreign workers who are more compliant and willing to work under miserable conditions. 

Clearly, voters trust Republicans more on immigration given Democrats’ pro-open borders proclivities. However, Republicans must actually deliver the goods once in office. They obviously need to campaign strongly on immigration restriction and fulfill their promises once in office. People are tired of the business as usual politics that has dominated the DC Swamp. 

It’s time for Republicans to actually carry out the will of the voters and pass policies that protect the Historic American Nation.

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