POLL: Voters Demand Rolls Call Votes for All Bills

Earlier this year, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced the Congressional Voting Accountability Act to mandate roll call votes for legislation in the House. 

“For too long … Congress has escaped accountability for actions that destroy the American way of life by passing legislation in an empty chamber with no Members on record,” Greene proclaimed. “Legislation affecting the entire nation should not pass the House without a recorded vote. Constituents have a right to know how their Representative voted.”

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll released earlier this month, American voters largely agree with Greene’s sentiments. In addition, these voters believe Congress members should read all of the bills they vote on. 

89% of likely United States voters believe the votes on legislation going through Congress should be recorded on roll calls. In other words, every member of Congress must go on record by voting yes or no on legislation. Just 6% disagree and are fine with bills being passed on unrecorded voice votes.

In addition, 81% of voters believe Congress members should be mandated to read every word of a bill before casting a vote on it. By contrast, only 11% disagree with this sentiment.

Across the board, voters of all political stripes agree that there needs to be roll call votes on legislation. 93% of Republicans, 87% of Democrats, and 88% of independent voters believe that roll calls should be used for all bills being passed in Congress.

On racial grounds, 92% of whites, 81% of blacks, and 86% of other non-white voters support roll call votes. 

Similarly, 85% of Republicans, 81% of Democrats and  Independent voters, and over 80% of every racial group support having members of Congress read every word of bills before casting votes on them. 

Curiously, voters making north of $200,000 are generally not as keen about having Congress members read every word of a bill before voting on it. 

Roll call votes are one of the tools that grassroots voters can use to hold their elected officials accountable. They ultimately show which politicians stand with the grassroots and which ones are total turncoats.

Without roll call votes, devious politicians can backstab their constituents at will and not be punished for their bad legislative behavior. When citizens cannot find a politician’s voting record, they’re ultimately deprived of a powerful mechanism to hold a politician’s feet to the fire when they politically misbehave. 

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