POLL: Voters Trust Republicans More to Handle the Economy

According to a Rasmussen poll published on May 22 2023,  most American voters are still concerned about the economy.

88% of likely US voters are worried about the economy, which includes 60% who are very concerned. Only 10% are not concerned about the economy. 

92% of voters believe economic issues will be important during the 2024 presidential election, which includes 68% who believe it will be very important. Only 7% don’t believe the economy will be an important issue in 2024.

50% indicated that  they trust Republicans more to manage the economy, whereas 39% trust Democrats more. 

85% of Republican voters trust their party more to handle the economy, whereas 79% of Democrats trust their party more. Among independent voters, 51% trust Republicans more to manage the economy, compared to 25% who trust Democrats more. 

77% of Republican voters, 44% of Democrat voters or 61% of independent voters are very concerned about the economy. 56% of Democratic voters, 78% of Republican voters, or 72% of independent voters  believe the economy will be a very important issue during the 2024 presidential election.

53% of white voters, 38% of black voters and 38% of other minorities trust Republicans more to handle the economy. 36% of white voters, 58% of black voters, and 38% of other non-black minority voters trust Democrats more. 

When it comes to income earners, voters making below $50,000 annually are most likely to be very concerned about the economy. Individuals making over $200,000 annually are the most likely to trust the Democratic Party to be in charge of the economy. 

American voters have every reason to distrust Democrats. They’re the posterboys of government intervention. However, Republicans are a marginal improvement at best on economic matters. When it comes to pursuing structural reforms that will restore economic normalcy in the US — abolishing central banking, abolishing federal taxation, and downsizing the regulatory state — neither party is serious about consummating these reforms. As a result, Middle America will remain in a perpetual state of economic precariousness. 

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