POLL: Voters Want Higher Energy Production

According to a Rasmussen poll, 80% of likely United States voters are worried about gas costs, which includes 54% who are very concerned. 20% aren’t worried about gas prices. 

60% of voters believe Congress and President Joe Biden should concentrate more on increasing oil and gas drilling to lower energy prices. By contrast, 31% believe energy policy should be more focused on limiting carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to fight climate change.

88% of Republican voters, 76% of Democratic voters, and 77% of independent voters are at least somewhat worried about gas costs. In a similar vein, 76% of Republican voters, 53% of Democrat voters, and 64% of independent voters want the federal government to concentrate more on boosting oil and gas drilling to help slash energy prices. 41% of Democratic voters  would rather focus on limiting carbon dioxide emissions in order to fight climate change. By contrast, only 22% of Republican voters and 28% of independent voters agree with this sentiment. 

53% of white voters, 54% of black voters, and 59% of other non-white minority voters are very concerned about the cost of gas. 63% of white voters, 68% of black voters, and 65% of other non-black minorities believe Congress and the president should concentrate on increasing oil and gas drilling to help lower energy prices.

Energy security is key for maintaining a highly functional modern economy. Efforts to impose climate regulations will only weaken the US economically and impoverish Americans in the long-term. For the US to economically advance, it must have a complete separation of economy and state.

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