POLL: Younger Americans are Becoming Increasingly Hostile Towards Israel

One of the key highlights that has emerged in the aftermath of Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, is the growing generational gap that has emerged with respect to Americans’ views of the Jewish state.  

According to a recently published NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. 48% of Generation Z and millennials believe the United States should manifest its support of Israel. By contrast, 63% of Gen Xers, 83% of Baby Boomers, and 86% of Silent Generation members held the same belief.

In a similar vein, a Quinnipiac poll published on October 17, 2023 discovered that 51% of voters under the age of 35 are not in favor of sending weapons and military gear to Israel as a response to the Hamas assault. By contrast, 77% of voters ages 50 and above approve of such aid being sent to Israel. 

Further, an October 17 poll conducted by Generation Lab discovered that 48% of college students do not blame the October 7 attacks on Hamas. 12% blamed it on other Middle Eastern governments, with 11% laying the blame on Israel and the remaining 25% blame it on someone else.

In the meantime, over 1,800 American Rhodes, Fulbright, and other scholars have signed a petition pushing for a ceasefire in Gaza.

There’s a clear generational gap brewing in America that could fundamentally alter the way the US government treats Israel. Thanks to the rise of alternative media and commentators willing to expose the darkest secrets of the Israeli state, younger Americans are beginning to question the US’s “special relationship” with the Jewish state. 

This is a promising development. Nevertheless, this type of sentiment shouldn’t go pro-Palestinian in the sense that it calls for taxpayer-funded subsidies and aid being sent to Palestinians. 

The answer to this issue is one of neutrality. No more military aid and entangling alliances. Simple as. 

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