Polls: Trump Keeps and Expands His Base

President Trump, Facebook

Despite the marches and protests of Brownshirt fascists everywhere, and despite the unprecedented negative fake news coverage of his first 100 days, Trump’s supporters are unfazed. Just a week ago Pew showed that he had lost almost none of his base.

Now, a new People’s Pundit Daily poll out of Florida shows that Trump remains very strong in the Sunshine State. Richard Baris, the president of PPD, says “Since the election, the President’s support among whites has held roughly even in the nation’s largest battleground state, while his support among non-whites, particularly Hispanics, has risen slightly on almost ever measure.” In private, however, Baris is even more emphatic: based on vote share per county, there would be “zero” chance Trump would lose Florida today. He reemphasized, “zero.” Trump’s numbers in the swing county Pinellas were positive and Hillsborough just under 50. But the Panhandle? “Ridiculous margins” in favor of Trump, noted Baris.

Always careful to protect his national best election day polling record (one of only two to correctly call Michigan and Pennsylvania), Baris did not divulge if he had factored in the new positive Republican voter registration changes (+27,000, net) since election day. For those who haven’t followed my columns, I should repeat that the change in Pennsylvania was even more stunning—over 100,000 shifted to the Republicans/away from the Democrats. In short, as of early May, Trump is in a distinctly stronger position in two key states than he was just a few short months ago when he won them narrowly.

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