Pope Francis Criticizes Conservative Catholics for ‘Rigid’ Beliefs Preventing the ‘Common Good’

Pope Francis delivered a Christmas message at Paul VI Hall in Vatican City on Saturday in which he blamed conservative Catholics for the church becoming less relevant in the West.

“Today we are no longer the only ones that produce culture, no longer the first nor the most listened to,” said Francis, who has resided over financial and moral scandals that have shaken the church to its core.

“The faith in Europe and in much of the West is no longer an obvious presumption but is often denied, derided, marginalized and ridiculed,” he added.

Francis said that conservative Catholics need to get with the times, and those who believed in tradition are getting in the way of the “common good.” Francis has used his position of authority within the church to argue for gun control, a world government to combat climate change, and porous migration policies.

“Rigidity that is born from fear of change and ends up disseminating stakes and obstacles in the ground of the common good, turning it into a minefield of misunderstanding and hatred,” Francis said.

Francis claimed that conservative Catholics who believe in upholding tradition suffer from “imbalances,” even though he gave no evidence to support his dubious claim.

“Rigidity and imbalance fuel one another in a vicious circle,” he said. “And these days, the temptation to rigidity has become so apparent.”

“Tradition is not static, it’s dynamic,” Francis added.

Under the influence of Pope Francis, the child sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church has worsened drastically. Big League Politics issued a shocking report earlier this year describing how Pope Francis rehabilitated the career of a church official who the Vatican had known was a serial abuser.

Pope Francis allowed defrocked former cardinal Theodore McCarrick to become his “trusted counselor” after knowing that McCarrick preyed upon young children:

However, Pope Francis’ record indicates that this summit will be another disingenuous damage control measure. The Catholic Church’s ability to cover-up these scandals has waned in recent years as victims have used the internet to coordinate reform efforts and share their tragic stories with the world. Francis’ own behavior has worsened the problem immeasurably throughout his papacy.

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was defrocked last week after Catholic officials determined that abuse allegations made toward him were credible. The Church determined McCarrick was guilty of “sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults, with the aggravating factor of the abuse of power.” These allegations had been known by the Church since 2000, before McCarrick was given the title of Cardinal. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano exposed the shocking fact last year that Francis rehabilitated McCarrick after Francis’ predecessor Pope Benedict XVI had sanctioned him for sexual abuse. Although it was widely known that he was a serial abuser of children, Francis made McCarrick his “trusted counselor” sending him throughout the world as a Church ambassador shortly after coming into power in 2013.

“Pope Francis must be the first to set a good example for cardinals and bishops who covered up McCarrick’s abuses and resign along with all of them,” Vigano said.

In another sick and twisted display of apostasy, Francis consoled prominent Chilean survivor Juan Carlos Cruz – who became homosexual after his frequent victimization at the hands of a Catholic priest – by telling him that God created him to be gay.

Perhaps if Pope Francis were more “rigid” in his opposition to pedophile predator priests, the Catholic Church would not be in such a dire crisis right now. History will inevitably judge Francis as among the most wicked apostates ever to assume the role of pontiff.

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