Pope Francis Demands for Citizens to Pay Taxes for Globalism or Be Guilty of ‘Murder’

Pope Francis delivers his speech during his audience for members of the International Pilgrimage of the Ministrants at St Peter’s Square on July 31, 2018 in Vatican City. (Photo by Andreas SOLARO / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)

Pope Francis, who has frequently called for the overrunning of the West of third-world migrants, is now inferring that those who have not paid their taxes to globalist governments are guilty of “murder.”

Francis told the Italian daily “La Repubblica” last week that he was pleased with journalist Fabio Fazio’s insinuation that individuals who have avoided paying taxes in the past are guilty of “murder.”

“He is right, for example, when he says: “It has become evident that those who do not pay their taxes are not only committing a crime, but murder: if there are not enough hospital beds or respirators, they too are partly to blame.” I was very impressed by this,” Pope Francis said.

In addition to carrying water for globalist governments during the interview, Francis also paid cheap lip service to the people’s fears during the time of great crisis.

“During these difficult days we can find small, concrete gestures expressing closeness and concreteness towards the people closest to us, a caress for our grandparents, a kiss for our children, for the people we love. These are important, decisive gestures. If we live these days like this, they won’t be wasted,” he said.

What has really wasted resources throughout Europe and across Western Civilization has been the migrant-trafficking industry, which has been cheered on by Pope Francis every step of the way.

Big League Politics has reported on the Pope’s shilling for refugee resettlement at length:

Pope Francis urged countries around the world to migrants ahead of national security interests while celebrating the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees, but remained silent about the largest problem plaguing his church today.

“Solidarity must be concretely expressed at every stage of the migratory experience – from departure through journey to arrival and return,” Francis said, according to Reuters. “The principle of the centrality of the human person … obliges us to always prioritize personal safety over national security.”

The Pope has been known for his far left activism, especially in the way of open borders and tacit support of sexual promiscuity among his clergy…

Francis denounced the “collective and arbitrary expulsions of migrants and refugees” which he said “are not suitable solutions.” The only suitable solution for the Pope, who is the religious head of the globalist elite, would be for Western nations to be overrun with migrants until they are no longer recognizable.

He also called for “broader options for migrants and refugees to enter destination countries safely and legally.”

The refugee resettlement program is based largely on cash payouts, rather than legitimate humanitarian concern. Pope Francis is a heretic willingly shilling for an evil system.

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