Pope Francis Demands ‘Supranational’ Government To Defeat Global Warming, Protect Migrants

Despite undergoing many scandals, Pope Francis has not lost sight of what is important to him: promoting globalism and the new world order. He took his push to a new level last week by presenting an explicit declaration against national sovereignty.

“When a supranational common good is clearly identified, there is need for a special legally constituted authority capable of facilitating its implementation,” Pope Francis said while speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace.

The Pope is particularly concerned about ending global warming and protecting migrants. With nations unable to resist, the global government proposed by Francis could dump Muslim migrants into first-world nations and impose draconian carbon taxes without the will of the people ever being considered.

“Think of the great contemporary challenges of climate change, new slavery and peace,” he said.

The Pontifical Academy met last week to discuss the themes of “Peace Stemming from Justice. Theological Reflections Between Men, Communities and Nations” and “Nation, State, Nation-State and the Doctrine of the Catholic Church.”

The Pope used the forum as an opportunity to advocate for a one-world government.

“Groups of neighboring nations — as is already the case — can strengthen their cooperation by attributing the exercise of certain functions and services to intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests,” Pope Francis said.

The Pope frequently spoke out of both sides of his mouth at the event in his attempt to confuse Catholics into accepting a globalist new world order on behalf of the “universal common good.”

The Catholic Church “has always exhorted men to love their own people and homeland,” Pope Francis claimed before pivoting.

“At the same time,” he said, “the Church has warned persons, peoples and governments about deviations from this attachment when it is about excluding and hating others, when it becomes conflictual nationalism that builds walls, indeed even racism or anti-Semitism.”

He warned against populist leaders who are willing to push-back against globalist initiatives as a threat to world peace.

“The Church observes with concern the re-emergence, almost everywhere in the world, of aggressive currents towards foreigners, especially immigrants, as well as that growing nationalism which neglects the common good,” Pope Francis added.

“There is a risk of compromising already established forms of international cooperation, undermining the aims of international organizations as a space for dialogue and meeting for all countries on a level of mutual respect, and hindering the achievement of the sustainable development goals unanimously approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 25 September 2015,” he continued.

With Pope Francis being called a heretic by Catholic leaders and overseeing a worldwide pedophile scandal, the pontiff remains focused on promoting global government despite Biblical warnings against the idea. It is difficult to imagine the Catholic Church regaining its credibility without the prompt removal of Francis.

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