Pope Francis Removes Puerto Rican Bishop From Office for Allowing Conscientious Objections to COVID-19 Vaccines

Pope Francis has removed a Puerto Rican bishop from office over allowing conscientious objections to COVID-19 vaccine shots, some of which were made from the mutilated parts of aborted fetuses.

Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres led the Diocese of Arecibo for over ten years, but was asked to abdicate the post because he “had not been obedient to the pope nor had I been in sufficient communion with my brother bishops of Puerto Rico.”

On March 9, Pope Francis replaced Torres in the diocese. The Vatican gave no reasoning for their decision. Bishop Álvaro Corrada del Río, bishop emeritus of Mayagüez, replaced him. Torres is outspoken about the injustice behind his removal.

“I deeply regret that in the Church where mercy is so much preached, in practice some lack a minimum sense of justice,” Torres said in a March 9 declaration on the diocesan website.

“No process has been made against me, nor have I been formally accused of anything and simply one day the apostolic delegate [the pope’s representative in Puerto Rico] verbally communicated to me that Rome was asking me to resign,” he continued.

“A successor of the apostles is now being replaced without even undertaking what would be a due canonical process to remove a parish priest,” Torres added.

Even though Torres did nothing wrong, he was punished for not falling in line with the corrupt Catholic Church establishment.

“I was informed that I had committed no crime but that I supposedly ‘had not been obedient to the pope nor had I been in sufficient communion with my brother bishops of Puerto Rico,’” Torres said.

“It was suggested to me that if I resigned from the diocese I would remain at the service of the Church in case at some time I was needed in some other position; an offer that in fact proves my innocence,” he continued.

“However, I did not resign because I did not want to become an accomplice of a totally unjust action and that even now I am reluctant to think that it could happen in our Church,” Torres added.

Torres felt the need to allow conscientious objection to mandatory vaccinations after Puerto Rican governor Pedro Pierluisi issued an executive edict ordering that government officials, healthcare workers, and hotel workers must be vaccinated in order to be employed.

Torres said on Aug. 17, 2021 that “it is legitimate for a faithful Catholic to have doubts about the safety and efficacy of a vaccine given that what the pharmaceutical companies or drug regulatory agencies say is in no way a dogma of faith.”

This sort of thinking is no longer allowed in the Catholic Church under Pope Francis’ iron-fisted rule. Francis’ master is not Christ, but rather globalist elites. He is hurting the faith immeasurably with his corrupt rule.

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