Pope Francis Reveals Catholic Clerics Kept Nuns As ‘Sex Slaves’

Pope Francis Admits Sex Slavery of Nuns

The scandal-laden Pope Francis now admits the Catholic Church’s clerics kept nuns as “sex slaves” in what is considered to be the first admission of sexual crimes within the church by the Pope.

BBC News broke the news that Pope Francis admitted numerous congregations kept nuns as sex slaves earlier today, with his predecessor Pope Benedict being forced to close an entire congregation after the abuse surfaced.

BBC News reported:

He said the Church was attempting to address the problem but said it was “still going on”.

Last November, the Catholic Church’s global organisation for nuns denounced the “culture of silence and secrecy” that prevented them from speaking out.

The Pope’s comments come amid long-running cases of sexual abuse of children and young men by priests at the Church.

This horrifying news comes after the Catholic Church spent most of 2018 experiencing scandal after scandal regarding sexual abuse of young boys by clergy.

In October of last year, Pope Francis accepted the immediate resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl after he was accused of covering up several sexual assaults within his congregation.

Big League Politics reported at the time:

Wuerl has been accused of covering up sexual abuse to protect clergy members and reassigning accused priests to new posts without punishment, effectively letting them off the hook for their alleged abuse. The 77-year-old Cardinal was at the center of a Pennsylvania grand jury’s findings that priests had abused more than 300 minors over a 70 year period. Wuerl was the bishop of Pittsburgh from 1988 to 2006 during the height of the sexual abuse. He then took over the archdiocese of Washington, where he denied knowing that his predecessor, disgraced Cardinal and former Archbishop Theodore McCarrick was suspected of abusing young men in the seminary.

“I am profoundly grateful for his devoted commitment to the well-being of the archdiocese of Washington and also deeply touched by his gracious words of understanding,” Wuerl said of Pope Francis, who is embattled in his own right.

This year it was confirmed by the Archdiocese that Wuerl knew of the sexual abuse allegations since at least 2004, and did nothing to stop them.

Last year the Catholic Church also paid out almost $28 million as part of a settlement regarding the sexual abuse of four boys, even as its newly released sexual abuse hotline began to ring off the hook.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church continues to distance itself from its doctrines and the Bible, last year praying for transgendered people. Also last year, a Jesuit priest celebrated Pope Francis making the church more “gay friendly.”

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