Pope Francis Uses Globalist Great Reset Terminology in Pontifical Message and Tweet

Pope Francis used a phrase associated with the globalist “Great Reset” agenda in a Thursday morning tweet.

“To help our society ‘build back better,’ inclusion of the vulnerable must also entail efforts to promote their active participation,” the pope tweeted along with a link to a document titled “Message of the Holy Father Francis for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.”

Pope Francis also used “build back better” in the pontifical message itself.

“This year’s celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is an occasion to express my closeness to those experiencing situations of particular difficulty during the crisis caused by the pandemic,” writes the pope. “All of us are in the same boat in the midst of a turbulent sea that can frighten us. Yet in this same boat, some of us are struggling more; among them are persons with serious disabilities.”

The Holy Father added: “The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Building Back Better: Toward a Disability-inclusive, Accessible and Sustainable post-COVID-19 World.’ I find the expression ‘building back better’ quite striking. It makes me think of the Gospel parable of the house built on rock or sand (cf. Mt 7:24-27; Lk 6:46-49).”

From there Pope Francis shares some reflections relating to “throwaway culture” and the dehumanization of the disabled, making “inclusion” the principle on which civil institutions and parish communities help the vulnerable, and promoting their “active participation.”

As a Catholic, I cannot and will not be uncharitable to the pope. He is not advocating for the Great Reset as such in this pontifical message. I’m not going to call him names and slap him with labels. But it is no secret that “build back better” is a phrase intimately linked with the Great Reset.

This globalist idea posits that since the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated social and economic inequality and injustice, rectifying these problems will involve radically rethinking our society. The key point is that nothing is off the table: now is the time to solve climate change, transfigure our economic systems, eliminate racial inequity, and build a tight-knit global community that greatly reduces the need for concepts like borders and national sovereignty.

And that is something we should oppose with every fiber of our being.

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