Popular YouTuber Said Someone Should ‘Bomb’ NRA Conference In Wake Of Uvalde Shooting

YouTube and its “community standards” are biased, and this is a perfect example. According to popular liberal podcaster Ethan Klein, someone should “bomb” the NRA conference in Houston, Texas.

Of course, without playing too much into whataboutisms, this sort of statement about committing a mass terror attack against one’s political foes would be met with hellfire if it came from a conservative YouTuber.

“Let’s f—–g kill everyone in that building … with kindness,” Klein said. He eventually tried to walk the comment back, chuckling and coding his language for violence.

BlazeTV host, Elijah Schaffer, had this to say about the whole exchange:

“Isn’t it crazy @elonmusk that major Youtubers can get banned for questioning the election but they can call for terrorist bombings on an active convention and not face any consequences?” he tweeted. “Seems like a 2x standard and tech companies have a confirmed political bias towards one side.”

In a later tweet, Klein said, “Conservatives got triggered over jokes I told & mass reported me. I got banned for a week and the episode was removed.”

“If only they cared about dead kids as much as they do jokes…” he added. “So I wanna say sorry. Sorry y’all are such pathetic snowflakes. F*** the NRA & f*** Abbott.”

Klein’s comment comes at a time when left-wing activists are choosing to blame gun owners and 2A supporters, most specifically the NRA, for the recent tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday.

This rhetoric has consequences. As it perpetuates a message to Klein’s large following about who should be held responsible for the actions of a deranged shooter that had no ties to the NRA.

Though Klein’s comments should not be solely linked to the left’s backlash towards the NRA, they do not help deescalate things. Instead, they give weight to the whole outrage movement. Which will only lead to more unwarranted political activism.

CBS News reported on May 28: “Activists gathered in Houston Saturday to protest the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in the wake of the Texas school shooting.”

Ted Cruz gave a speech at the convention and was confronted by an activist with the liberal-leaning group Indivisible Houston who accused the conservative lawmaker of “taking blood money.”

“When 19 children died, that is on your hands … Ted Cruz that is on your hands,” the activist said in the viral clip – WATCH:

Ethan Klein has been prone to controversy in recent years ever since he shifted from his once-edgy show to a more progressive-leaning one. And though he has been losing subscribers and sponsors over his political commentary, it appears as though the once-beloved YouTuber is doubling down on his leftism.

Now retorting to violence talks against his political enemies. Of course, the left is fully backing him every step of the way.

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