Portland Antifa Caught on Camera Making What Appears to Be Smoke Bombs

Streets Fire YouTube screenshot https://youtu.be/owpp3wScIHw

New video has emerged of the Antifa counter protesters at Sunday’s free speech rally in Portland making what appears to be some type of smoke bombs.

The person who took the video, a neutral journalist who has asked to only be identified as “Streets Fire,” told Big League Politics that they shot the video between 1 and 2 p.m. — at least an hour and a half before an unlawful assembly was declared over Antifa assaulting police with projectiles.

“They put something in the bottle then shook it. Then turned into what you see in the video,” Streets Fire told BLP.

We asked the journalist if they stuck around to see what happened with the bottles after they were made and they told us that they got out of there where the footage ends.

Independent journalist Tim Pool, who was in Portland livestreaming, confirmed to Big League that he had seen the anarchists throwing smoke bombs at police.

“I saw someone light what looked like a small tube and throw it towards the police line. It started emitting a thick greenish smoke,” Pool explained.

Pool stated that he did not smell anything, but may have been too far away from the smoke. He also said that everything in the counter protest area had an overpowering smell of vinegar, as the protesters soak their face masks in it. It is an old urban legend that vinegar will help protect you from tear gas — but in my personal experience has always fallen short.

When we asked Pool if he had seen anything that looked like these bottles being thrown he stated that he did not, but “saw them lighting a wick.”

“I didn’t see any smoke bomb bottles but I interviewed someone in my video who said they were throwing bottles at police,” he added.

Free speech activist Irma Hinojosa also confirmed to Big League that she saw smoke bombs being thrown by the anarchists.

As we previously reported, the counter protest against free speech had erupted in violence after police attempted to clear the square of the black bloc anarchists.

“During the course of police action, in response to a significant amount of projectiles being thrown, less lethal munitions, including ‘pepper ball’ and aerial distraction devices (ADD) were used by police,” the Portland Police Department said in a statement on Sunday evening.

One of the speakers at the free speech rally, Tim Treadstone, better known as ‘Baked Alaska’, told Big League that counter protesters were throwing balloons filled with feces and urine, eggs, and bloody tampons.

Following the event, the Portland Police announced that they had confiscated knives, brass knuckles, bricks, chains, an axe, and many other weapons from the anarchists.

A total of 14 people were arrested — at least one of whom was at the free speech rally and was arrested after attempting to stop the anarchists from burning an American flag.

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