Portland: Archbishop Leads Prayer and Conducts Exorcism to Rid the City of Satanic Influence

Archbishop of Portland Alexander Sample led a gathering in prayer, a Rosary, and conducted an exorcism over the city last Saturday.

The Catholic archbishop told KOIN that the months of continuous rioting and violence spurred the idea of the exorcism.

Sample further said: “I wasn’t trying to suggest that I think the city of Portland is possessed. It’s not that at all. It’s just a prayer of blessing prayed by the clergy, especially a bishop over a community just asking that all the influences of the Evil One be driven away.”

At one point there were over 100 straight nights of rioting in the city of Portland. Aaron Danielson, a conservative and supporter of Patriot Prayer, was murdered in cold blood on August 29 near a pro-Trump rally. Numerous others, including police officers, were injured amidst the 100+ days of carnage.

Attendees of the archbishop’s prayers and exorcism spoke to Catholic News Service, with one saying that the “anti-religion undertones” of the protests and riots frightened her, and another that “it’s important for people of faith to be seen in public promoting belief and peace.”

As a Catholic myself, I understand the power of prayer and exorcism. They represent two of the most powerful weapons against the devil and his minions. I’m glad to see the archbishop do this for his city.

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