Portland Leftists Attempt to Recreate Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’

Portland’s left wing rioters are staging an attempt to create their own “autonomous zone” within the city limits as of late Wednesday night, seeking to wall off an area within the city and declare secession from the United States.

Footage from the scene revealed a team of leftists erecting a large fence across city streets, closely resembling the border wall set up, ironically enough, in Seattle’s “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.”

More footage shows the leftists staking out their sovereign territory’s “borders.”

Seattle’s Mayor and Washington’s Governor have largely winked and nodded at the dangerous and rebellious anarchist political project, allowing ANTIFA-linked criminals to openly administer sections of the city. The leftwing fanatics have already started extorting local businesses, demanding money for “protection” in a classic shakedown scheme.

The leftist secessionists in Portland are likely aware that they stand largely immune from any legal sanctions from Democratic state and local officials, who appear content to give ANTIFA-linked militants free reign to secede from the United States inĀ  Washington.

Portland Police updated the public about the pending forceful secession attempt on Thursday morning. From their description of the situation, it’s hard to tell if the police department has proved able to disrupt another left-wing anarchist autonomous zone in their city.

Should the Portland secessionists prove successful in staking out another autonomous zone, they may find their project will prove far less a utopia than they’re imagining. A soundcloud rapper has already staked himself out as the ‘warlord’ of Seattle’s autonomous zone, imposing his will through force of arms and beating those who fail to abide by his commands.

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