Portland Mayor Attacks Federal Law Enforcement, DHS as ANTIFA Criminals Run Wild

Neoliberal Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler rebuked acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and the contingent of U.S. Marshals in the city on Tuesday, shaming the federal authorities for their action to crack down on ANTIFA’s spree of street riots and violent crime.

Wheeler recounted a conversation with Wolf, in which the DHS Secretary asked him how the federal authorities could help to alleviate the daily riots and street violence unleashed by ANTIFA-linked criminals upon the city. Wheeler then demanded that the Trump administration official remove the federal law enforcement presence from the city, leaving federal institutions such as the Hatfield Federal Courthouse at the mercy of the rioters.

The Mayor has opted to condemn what he claims is a “system of white supremacy” necessitating the rioters’ criminal gatherings, accusing federal law enforcement of unfairly targeting the demonstrably violent street criminals.

ANTIFA rioters have taken to the city streets in violent ‘demonstrations’ for more than 40 nights since the death of George Floyd, attacking the city’s federal courthouse on a near nightly basis with weapons such as improvised firework mortars. The federal authorities have made arrests of ANTIFA terrorists enacting political violence, but the Portland police have been largely called off, and Multnomah County prosecutors have consistently dropped criminal charges against left-wing street rioters.

Small business owners and the downtown Portland community stand to pay the price as the Mayor cedes authority to left-wing criminals, with one estimate of the costs of economic damages from the nightly riots at $23 million dollars.

The free pass for the thugs and violent criminals of ANTIFA is all but explicit, with Portland’s systematic leftism enabling the criminal activities of the anarchist organization. The rioters will be emboldened to further attack U.S. Marshals and Portland’s federal facilities, knowing that the city’s mayor is on their side.

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