Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is Forced to Move After Rioters Nearly Burn Down His Condo Home

The far-left Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA forces are not going easy on Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, despite his many attempts to placate them as they have conducted sustained riots over the past several months.

The terrorists have frequently targeted Wheeler at his $840,000 condo inside of the city. They attempting to set the building on fire with fireworks on Tuesday night, perhaps to commemorate Wheeler’s 58th birthday.

As a result, Mayor Wheeler is moving to a new home. He announced that it would be “best for me and for everyone else’s safety and peace” to make the move.

“I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position,” Wheeler wrote to his neighbors in an email.

“It’s unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or in my administration,” he added.

President Donald Trump has attacked Wheeler incessantly for allowing his town to be overrun by left-wing thugs.



Big League Politics has reported about how Wheeler even considered telling police to stand down to show his solidarity with ANTIFA/BLM terrorists:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler proposed ordering the Portland Police to “stand down” during the rise in violent left-wing riots in the city in late July, when rioters shifted away from the Hatfield Federal Courthouse to the county jail and Portland Police buildings.

Wheeler had texted a top aide, Sonia Schmanski, arguing that the plan was “high risk” but claiming that the city had “nothing to lose.” Wheeler’s assessment of the situation differs considerably with the eyewitness accounts of Portland small businesses and community members, who have suffered tens of millions of dollars in property damages as a result of the riots.

The left-wing mayor was ultimately convinced that removing the police from the riots would be a bad idea, when he was reminded that the ANTIFA militants were beginning to target buildings that were in residential neighborhoods.

“I was persuaded that a complete withdrawal, even for one evening to test the ability to completely deescalate the situation, would be a risk that was too great,” he said in an interview last week. “We could not risk the people who were in the immediate vicinity.”

Wheeler had previously claimed that the violent riots were only the result of the federal law enforcement securing the Hatfield courthouse. The ongoing operations of Portland Police to contain criminal activity all but disprove his earlier solution, with ANTIFA militants continuing to engage in criminal activity on a nightly basis.

Wheeler’s brand of governance has been incredibly poor, even for a liberal. He will go down as one of the worst public servants in American history.

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