Portland Police Still Haven’t Arrested Suspect Caught on Camera in Vicious ANTIFA Beating of Motorist

More than 48 hours after Marquise Love was caught on camera viciously attacking an already badly beaten Portland motorist during an ANTIFA street riot, the Portland Police still haven’t arrested the 25-year old “armed security guard.”


Love was positively identified by internet sleuths from his name placard and private security regalia, and admitted to his involvement in the vicious beating of a man who tried to prevent ANTIFA militants from robbing a distressed woman.

Love is a stringent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and he’s been charged with domestic violence crimes before.

Love posted on Facebook saying that he “might go to jail for murder” shortly before disabling his social media accounts.

It took almost 24 hours for the Portland Police to positively identify him as a suspect, despite his information being public, his open admission to playing a role in the assault in Facebook messages, and even his address being made public by internet sleuths. The agency claims that a manhunt to apprehend Love is underway, but the delay that the authorities took to finally seek his arrest may have ensured that he’s able to escape Oregon and flee to another jurisdiction.

The Portland Police and municipal authorities may be quietly hoping that the public forgets the vicious beating, enabling them to let its perpetrator off the hook out of fear for the ANTIFA mobs they consistently enable.

The victim of Love’s cheap shot head kick remained unconscious into Tuesday, having suffered serious injuries from the assault.

This thug needs to be arrested and charged with felony violent crimes immediately, and law abiding patriots will be forced to assume Portland’s left-wing authorities support violent terror against them if they fail to secure his arrest immediately.

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