Portland Rioter Arrested, Charged in Hammer Attack on U.S. Marshall While Attacking Courthouse

A Texas man has been arrested and charged for assaulting a member of the U.S. Marshals Service during a riotous protest over the weekend, attacking the federal law enforcement agent with a hammer as he was trying to break into a federal courthouse ANTIFA-linked militants have been attacking with regularity over several weeks of riots.

Jacob M. Gaines, 23, is being charged with one count of assault against a federal officer. Prosecutors are alleging that Gaines was using a construction hammer during an attempt to break through a barricade protecting the Hatfield Federal Courthouse from a mob of ANTIFA street militants when he was confronted by a U.S. Marshall. Gaines began striking the Marshal with his hammer, hitting the man three times before being subdued and arrested.

Gaines, who is being charged federally, appeared before a judge, and was released without bail, curiously. The indictment against the Texas man was unsealed Monday. The man, a Texas native who is purportedly homeless in Portland, struck the marshal’s deputy in the upper back, lower neck, and in the shoulder before other federal law enforcement agents were able to take him down. The marshal was reportedly uninjured.

ANTIFA continues to riot on a nightly basis in the progressive utopia, routinely attacking the federal courthouse and terrorizing the city’s downtown small businesses. City officials have figuratively raised a white flag, handing a pass to the criminals and leaving the preservation of the rule of law to federal law enforcement agents unwilling to let ANTIFA overthrow the government in the city.

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