Portland Rioters Torch Police Union Building in Severe Night of Destruction

ANTIFA-linked rioters in the city of Portland continued to wage destructive and criminal riots on Saturday night, possibly escalating their activities to their most severe level after the federal government refused to back down in response to the city’s demands that they ignore criminal activity.

ANTIFA-linked street criminals attacked and burned a Portland Police Association building.


Rioters had earlier continued their ongoing siege against the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Taking advantage of a moment in which federal law enforcement appeared to leave the facility unguarded, the rioters destroyed wooden barricades protecting the building and destroying fencing set up in an attempt to safeguard the courthouse from rioters.


Rioters were finally dispersed shortly after the attack on the Portland Police Association, with Portland police noticeably enforcing riot control as opposed to the federal authorities. Neoliberal Mayor Jacob Wheeler and the Portland city government have increasingly sought to restrict the Portland Police from arresting ANTIFA rioters, and it’s possible the police department will face municipal repercussions for enforcing riot control laws.


Footage reveals that the area surrounding the Portland Police Association union building was filled with fire and destruction by criminal rioters.


Anarchist criminals had chanted of their opposition to all American and Oregon laws during the riots, repeating the phraseevery city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground” as they marched on the police association building.

Mayor Wheeler had rebuked the federal authorities for daring to prevent property destruction and violent crime in the city after DHS Secretary Chad Wolf visited Portland, and it appears his defense of ANTIFA spurred what may be the most significant occurrence of Portland’s nightly riots yet.

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